Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Years/"Christmas" in Amarillo!

I'll admit I'm really bad about taking pictures...obviously this weekend was an extreme! I'll have to steal some pics from the rest of the family! We loaded up and DROVE to Amarillo with our 2 month old! Ha..what an adventure! Levi is really good in the car. He always sleeps a lot, which always makes me worry he's not going to sleep at night...but (knock on wood) that hasn't happened yet. It was a pretty short trip but of course a great time. We celebrated Christmas with the Coleman side on the 30th and the Gann's on NYE. After we put Levi to bed on the 31st we went over to visit some of Trent's friends. It was very low key...but at least we got out of the house for a few minutes!

Here are the TWO pictures I came home with. That's pathetic! I will be adding to the post after I steal pictures from the fam. :)

Mimi and Levi hanging out...
A very happy baby! Ready to go open presents!!!

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