Wednesday, February 2, 2011


OMG it's cold!!! I planned on being lazy this week anyway, but the weather is making it very easy! Yesterday Levi turned 3 months old, holy cow where does the time go? Trent and I laid in bed last night talking about how in some ways it has flown by, but in others it feels like an eternity ago when we were in the hospital having Levi. Either way, we are blessed beyond belief! His personality is totally starting to show and I can't wait to see the little boy he is becoming.

I finally got a much needed hair cut yesterday, but there were some pretty funny moments before we left the house.

I'm sure you're thinking "what is that and why did she take a picture of it?"'s a heaping pile of laundry that Levi created in about 7 seconds.
I was laughing, but there was no one else here to laugh I took pictures. haha.

On a routine diaper change, Levi decided to pee just as I took his diaper off. This used to be an every diaper change event, but it's been a while since he peed on me. By the time I could get my hand in the way of the high powered hose it was everywhere! On the wall, in the laundry hamper (which had JUST been emptied), on his pajamas and the outfit I was about to put on him, on the mirror above the changing table, and of course on the changing pad cover. Then he looked up at me and grinned like it was the funniest thing that had happened all day! I got a new diaper on him and laid him in the floor so I could finish cleaning up the mess and I immediately heard him pooping! I'm just glad he had the diaper on!

"Hey everybody! I'm 3 months old today!"
He's wearing his first 3-6 month outfit!
He's getting better at his naps, thank goodness.
He's starting to grab onto his toys and try to put them in his mouth of course. He still doesn't have good control of his hands, but I can see it won't be long!
Yesterday he put weight on his legs for the first time. We'll see if he can get the hang of that!

It's a shame this picture isn't focused, it would have been really cute! We were playing peekaboo (in order to get some smiles) and I accidentally focused on the blankie.

So this is what happens when I make him put a hat on. Such a shame...hats are the only accessories boys can wear and he HATES THEM! But it was cold out yesterday so I just had ot let him scream.
"No mom, my hair is so beautiful and no one will compliment me on it if you cover it up!"

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