Thursday, July 3, 2014

A few more May events...

We absolutely LOVE our new neighborhood! Everyone has been so incredibly welcoming! The people who live behind us, Judy and Jack, throw a block party every year. Complete with band, dancing, margarita machines, and TONS of food! It was a great time and fun to get to meet some people that we hadn't met yet!

The next day, our sweet Collin came for a visit!!!! He's getting so big and looks like a little boy now. :( Why do they have to grow so fast???
Just a quick random pic of our sweet girl at gymnastics. She really loves it! She gets to jump off of really high things and doesn't get in trouble, what's not to love?
 One Friday night, we couldn't decide what to do for we drove to Highland Village. :) What better way to spend the night than playing with our cousins in the water fountains?!?! 


I was totally not prepared for how wet they got, so we went back to the Gann's to dry off a bit. Brielle capitalized on the opportunity to dress up her little doll friend. :) Prettiest princesses I've EVER seen!
We finally got to take our boat out!! Woohoo!!! We have a 2 week quarantine on water craft at Lake Kiowa to avoid zebra mussels. The kids had a blast!

our matching boat flops. :)
Of course they would find the whistle! haha!
taking a swim....

Then we had a little picnic at the lodge :)

 One very happy boy!!!
We also took an adults only trip to Lake Travis to celebrate Landon's 30th birthday.

 It was a really great time! We met some new friends, had a blast with ones we already knew, and enjoyed 48 hours of pretending we have no responsibilities!
Everyone went out on a boat on Sunday. These doofus'
So much fun!!

We had never really gotten to hang out with Kaytie other than our few trips to Amarillo for holidays. Which are ALWAYS crazy busy, so we had a blast hanging out with her! 

And then we were quickly reminded that we ARE indeed adults that do have many responsibilities. We hydroplaned and crashed into a concrete median. We are so incredibly blessed that it wasn't worse than it was. What a way to ruin a fantastic weekend, and a really good car. :( 3 weeks later, we finally found out they were totaling it. :( I liked that car. 

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