Friday, July 11, 2014


We loaded up to go to the beach one Tuesday morning. On the way home, Chloe did this....

Hmmm..."that's odd," I though. I checked her temp and it was 102! She NEVER lays down, and she laid down ALL. WEEK. LONG. I immediately called and got an appointment because I thought she'd been acting a little funny the days before. 

They told me it was a virus. 




Friday. Because Levi was tired of everyone paying attention to Sissy...

We loaded up and went back to the doc since she STILL had fever and her party was quickly approaching! They gave her some antibiotics thank goodness. Treated it as a sinus infection.

Mom and Dad kept the kids so we could go spend our whole life savings at SAM'S in one day. Sheesh....I hate making SAMS trips!!!

Chloe was soon back to herself  "fimmin" and "fippin" in the pool with her sidekick. 

Good thing too, because we had a big party coming!

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