Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mother's Day and A Little More...

I can't even remember what day this was...but I just love it when they're all here! 
Chloe was super excited about all the pretty flowers Mommy had!!

I don't even feel like I need gifts for Mother's Day. Usually a trip to the grocery store or Target by myself suffices as a gift these days! Haha! But of course my sweet family didn't let me down!! Most precious family ever!!
 This is how Levi and Chloe say Happy Mother's Day! Ha!

 This is more like it! A quiet bubble bath all to myself!!!!!!

 We had a playdate with Brielle one Friday afternoon at Brielle's gymnastics place. The kids had a blast playing of course! My kids weren't too sure what to do with all the stuff! But Brielle showed them!

The kids LOVE to play with Brielle and Hason, and I love their Momma. Any play date with them is a win win!!!!

 Well...why not swim in your clothes? They're so darn cute, I didn't even stop them!
 We bought these towels at Disney World. We figured beach towels are fitting souvenirs now that we have a pool. They LOOOOOVE these towels! And I adore those hineys!!!! These two are absolutely why I was put on this earth. They and their Daddy are my world!!!

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