Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fun with Friends

Jana invited us out to her parents farm for some fun and pizza! The kids had a blast!

Levi and Gavin. :)

 Asleep before we made it home...
Who knows what these two were thinking...but they sure are cute!

We matched! Unintentionally....

These are pictures from Chloe's first gymnastics class. She jumped right in and loved it!

I finally got around to getting us a calendar. Something Trent's been after me to do for a while!

Just a couple of our little friends at the library. :) So sweet!!!

And here are some of Levi and Chloe's shennanigans in SAMS. They love it when Daddy "pulls something out of their ear." That's what she's doing. And she says it's a dinglehopper (which is a fork in Ariel's world!)

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