Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gymnastics "Awards"

I use the term "awards" loosely. Chloe had only been in gymnastics for about a month, and I think Levi had only gone once. Once that involved LOTS of crying and screaming, and very little gymnastics. 
 Chloe really loves gymnastics, she jumped right in on day one, and over the summer she has progressed quickly! She follows directions really well, and only has to be redirected occasionally. She's the youngest in her class by 6 months, and I think she hangs incredibly well with them!
 She got some award about motor skills....don't even remember. I'm not an everyone wins kind of gal, so I thought these awards were silly. Sweet, but silly.

 Her whole class. And that's Ms. Emily back there, the teacher Levi has a HUGE crush on! He acts SO much better if she's the one who comes and gets him to start the class. He told me one week "I don't want that black girl to come get me, I want that white girl to come get me." He was calling them by the color of their shirts, it was so hilarious!!
 Levi, well...Levi hasn't really come around to "loving" gymnastics yet. The deal was he would play soccer and Chloe would do gymnastics. Well, gymnastics is on Monday mornings. That means he has to come and sit and watch his sister run around and jump on trampolines for an hour. Soccer doesn't start until September. So when he started asking if he could go too, I decided I guessed that would be ok.
 They should have given him an award for being the most ridiculous. The first day, I understood why he was nervous and scared. (That's just his personality.) The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on week....I was a little confused. Like I said, if Ms. Emily comes to get him he's much more willing to go. I think we may have finally turned a corner this last week, when he walked right in and started the warm up with ZERO crying!
Regardless, I've realized that it's really good for him. He needs things to do for him to learn to listen and follow directions from someone besides me. And I'm still a beaming proud Momma no matter what. I love him so ridiculously much!

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