Monday, July 7, 2014

LOTS of Summer Fun!

After we FINALLY made it home from Memorial Day (longest day EVER.) we had to get ready for Trent's eye surgery. I thought it was going to be a pretty quick surgery, so I just planned on taking the kids with us since we were going to spend the night with Aunt Holly. It took much longer than I was expecting so they were pretty wild!!

Chloe showed off her "I do it!" in the waiting room....a lot.

 We were all a little disappointed that his eye patch wasn't very "piratish!" All is good with his eye, healed up real nice!

We celebrated our sweet friend Ella's birthday at her house! Ella and Chloe are just 2 days apart!! They have such a good time playing together at church. Her mom is a teacher so we get to see more of them in the summer time!!
 My kiddos were super tired, but they still had a great time!

 My sweet, sweet friends Jana and Jill (Ella's mom) I'm so thankful God put these 2 girls in my life!
We also FINALLY made it to a Rangers game! We've been meaning to go for a while, and just haven't gotten there. 
 Grandpa and Chloe even made the jumbotron!!
 She's such a little diva! It was so hot, and she sat right in between my moms legs, on an ice chest, under my mom's umbrella, and had the misting fan blowing on her. Hahaha
 So fancy!
One really happy boy!!! I LOVE to hear him say "let's go rangers!!!"

I love summer time and all the activities it brings with it!!

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  1. Just love seeing b's outfits on Chloe! Makes my life!