Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Day of Birth Chicken Express Ardmore!

I'm exactly one week behind. Exactly one week ago our 4th store opened! It has been a CRAZY. CRAZY. CRAZY. time, but a very exciting and blessed one too!

The boys worked extra hard getting everything ready to open. Trent took the opportunity to catch a snooze before the big day. Sweet Levi covered Daddy up with his beloved blanket. *Melting*

Saturday, the 22nd, we all headed over to Ardmore to help (or hinder if you're me with my 2 toddlers) get all the last little details finished up.

My Dad finally got the fancy sign he's wanted for the previous 3 stores. :)

I love the fact that we are able to plaster our faith all over these walls. I love the fact that people comment on it in a GOOD way!

God as blessed us beyond anything we ever deserve and I want to always display the fact that we KNOW that and appreciate it!

Since my kids allowed me to be of NO help whatsoever....we practiced counting, sorting and colors!

Pretty fun and productive activity if I do say so myself!

We were supposed to go to Fandangle last weekend, but with Levi just getting out of the hospital I didn't think it was a good idea. BOOOOOOO This is 2 years in a row I've missed it!! Agh!!!! I guess sorting sauces is almost as fun? Nope.

We had to do a little last minute shopping at Walmart for the store. CC was sure checking this one out for me! "I think it'll work mom!" (Notice her cute outfit and adorable bow...that was prior to her puking everywhere at Ella's birthday party.)

This is a picture Ramona sent me from opening day. The picture doesn't do it justice. Their are cars literally wrapped around the building and through another parking lot. And the short time I popped in the dining room was completely full. We've tried to stay out of the way. It has been record breaking! Literally...record breaking. Like I said before, we are blessed beyond anything we deserve. Trent only came home one night last week, and I've hardly even talked to him. I know it's a short phase, but I'm really missing him! Last week I did much better than I expected. Maybe because I had so much going on I couldn't even see straight.

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