Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Love!

We have 2 beautiful new additions to celebrate! Hason was born on July 5th and Collin was born on July 8th! I could hardly wait to get my hands on these boys!!! I was shocked to find out Trent was actually taking 2 days off so what better way to spend them than to drag him around DFW?? Haha...but really we were SOOOOO excited to meet them!!

First stop was my Collin!! He was so fresh I could hardly stand it!! I'm so incredibly happy for Holly & Phillip and their beautiful new baby boy!

Then we had some time to kill before heading to the Gann's house. My plan was to take the kids to Build A Bear Workshop for Chloe's first birthday but....well you know how that went. We spent the week in the hospital. So we headed on over to Frisco and did it! Levi didn't even make it out of the parking lot before he was asleep! (I might add that Trent didn't either. :))

We grabbed some dinner for the new parents and headed to meet Hason! It's probably a good thing Levi's been acting terrible or I'd have super baby fever!! Can you even get over the cuteness???

The Gann's were all up for swimming so we hopped in! Hason wasn't thrilled about the idea....

We were totally unprepared. I ironically bought a swimsuit that day, Levi swam in his undies, Chloe in a regular diaper and Daddy borrowed some trunks from Landon. Didn't stop our fun! Levi and Brielle were super happy to play together of course!

And Chloe loved just floatin around!

The king on his throne. hahaha Really it's because he's so hesitant in the water. I'm really hoping his swim lessons the next two weeks will help!

Milk drunk!

Have you ever seen a diaper that full?!? Oh and those gorgeous curls!! Just like her Momma's though...straight as a board when it dries! (Well my adult hair is super nappy after it's wet, but when I was young it was super straight.)

Ah....cutest tooshie around!

Excuse the white trash boy! So sweet!!!

Chloe is walking everywhere now! She totally wanted to keep up with Levi & Brielle.

Congratulations to these 2 amazing families on their new additions! We love them so very much and can't wait to see the sweet boys they grow into!

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