Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy first birthday Chloe!!!

We had another baby because Levi made being a parent the best thing in the world. And mostly because God allowed it. But we had NO clue how abundantly Chloe would add blessings to our lives! She is hilarious!! She is absolutely the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen and has completely stolen my heart!
We had a big birthday celebration on Friday after her sweet brother got to come home! First up was birthday pancakes of course!!!

She enjoyed a few bites...but she's gotten much pickier over the last couple of months and breads are not her favorite.

Ya'll....I wish I was making this stuff up. That's Daddy changing a dirty diaper! Now, this wouldn't be so funny if we weren't 2 kids and 2.5 years into this parenting thing. And he's not some absent father who never changes diapers....he's the best, most involved, diaper changing, bath giving, do anything Dad! But he still gags!!

Chloe now weights 19.2 lbs and is 28 3/4 inches long! It's so incredibly hard to believe that this was her just one short year ago....

She's in the 41% weight, 35% height, and 25% head circumference (she get it from her mama! haha) Her hair has lightened up so much but she is so dark complected!! She's stunningly beautiful! My parents say my hair did the exact same thing and that she looks just like me. I need to dig out some old pictures!

She is so emotional just like a little girl already! She's normally incredibly happy and has this grin that will absolutely bring you to your knees!

But she does get cranky and demanding and very divalicious at times. (No clue where she got that one?)

Like I said earlier, she's much pickier with food now. She still eats many more things than her brother, but she's not exactly Mikey anymore....shucks. She blows kisses, squeals the girliest little squeal, and today she touched her nose when I asked her where it was!! She loves to do a little jig when I sing to her and she still thinks her brother is HILARIOUS. We definitely find ourselves refereeing a lot...but mostly because she's so mobil. She's still not "walking," she takes a lot of steps here and there, but she much prefers crawling! She's not handling the transition to whole milk well. I don't think she's allergic to dairy because she eats yogurt and cheese all the time just fine. She had a really hard time going from breast milk to formula, and going to whole milk seems to be bad too. She puked EVERYWHERE at her friend Ella's birthday party yesterday. :( Proud Momma moment. I had a lot of trouble with formula when I was a baby and have NEVER been a milk drinker. I'm guessing Chloe is following in those footsteps.
So that present that I INSISTED she get on her birthday came 2 days late. She wasn't real sure what to do with it!

But her little picnic basket was a hit! She loves to take things out of containers, then put them back in which is why I chose this toy. Of course, Levi was a little jealous and said it was "mine toy!" He did get a new nerf gun...we didn't want him to feel all left out on her birthday. Probably a tradition I will always continue....

Here are some videos of her hilarious self. (I wish I could find a pic of this ottoman when we first got it. It was formed and almost a complete how things have changed!)
YouTube Video
She thinks Daddy is so funny when he takes her paci. This video doesn't really show off her giggles, but I just adore that little grin hiding behind her big ole paci!
YouTube Video
Happy Birthday to our sweet little girl!!!! We love you so much and can't wait to see the beautiful woman God makes you! (Though I wouldn't mine it taking double the time it usually does. :))
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  1. That picture of Trent changing the diaper cracks me up. Jon is the same way, he said there is nothing that is worse than changing a baby diaper. He said bring on the blood but he can't handle the poop. It is crazy to think your little one is a year old, time sure has flown by.