Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th of July...Kiowa Style

Lake Kiowa is HOPPIN' on the big summer holidays. The community does a really great job of putting on the festivities for the day!

Unfortunately, Trent had to work, so we celebrated by ourselves in the morning. We started off with a pancake breakfast.

She was really figuring out this walking thing!

A plane dropped off some sky divers who landed right by hole 1!

Then it was parade time!!! They were all very excited!!

Levi's gotten kinda crazy lately, and when he's being goofy he does this silly thing with his fingers. Pretty funny!

Sister was also very excited!!!

Holy cow how much they change in a year!!! She was not even 2 weeks old in this pic!

Levi was not real thrilled about me taking his picture before his cousins got there. I think he thought I'd made up the whole parade thing.

We watched it with Kristie, my 3 nephews, Kayla and her 2 kiddos!

Chloe was very intrigued by the whole parade thing.

Levi really got into picking up candy this year!

You know you live in the middle of nowhere when the fire truck needs to look like this!

The wee woos scared the dickens out of Chloe and Lucas!!

Hannah was in such a hurry she slipped and fell. But the reason I took the picture was because she was still SOOOO happy!! She just giggled and hopped right back up for more!

Lucas wasn't too sure about all the noise either!

I had to take some pictures of the cool cars for Daddy!!

Levi was gettin' DOWN in this one. Kristie and I about peed our pants laughing at him!

My fave!

Aunt Kristie to the rescuuuuuueee! The fire truck honked again and they both jumped out of their shoes and then screamed!!

The crew!!! Lucas (15 months) Braeden (6 yrs) Chloe (12 months) Hannah (almost 4) Levi (2.5 yrs) Beau (3 months) Nathan (8 yrs)

Wow they grow so fast!! (That's Brielle on the end!)

We had a great morning and were sad to miss the fireworks, but we headed to the Watson farm after lunch!

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