Friday, July 19, 2013

Watson Farm!

We've been wanting to visit the Watson Farm for quite some time. Leslie and Trevor finished their house recently so they decided to have a big party to celebrate some big birthdays!

We left after the morning 4th activities at Kiowa and headed to Zephyr. It's only about 3 hours and the kids slept almost the entire way so it was a good car trip!!

Now I'm a small town girl....but watching fireworks in the cemetery??? That's a first for me! You shoulda seen the place! It was packed!

I just couldn't bring myself to sit on someone's Grandpa, so we Karen and I sat in the road!

I asked Haylea to take our picture, but she took like 10 (as is necessary with kids!) and we got tired of the flash!

Pops with Levi & Gage! This was obviously past bedtime so I knew every happy moment should be cherished! Levi did pretty good.

He LOVED the fireworks! He was making all kinds of sound effects and such. Chloe....meh....she was like "where's my bed?" She did watch very intensely, but Audrey was totally into it!

Levi got to feed the goats! He loved doing it!!

Our attempt at a family picture.

Love this sweet kid!!!

The crew sittin' in the graveyard....weirdos!!!

Watson farm is literally in the middle of nowhere! With directions including CRxyz, then left on CRabc, .25 miles down the dirt road, etc.

You cannot keep Gage in the house at the Watson farm! He had NO fear!!!

They have a grasshopper infestation right now. One of the funniest moments of the weekend was Gage chasing Levi with a grasshopper. He'll tear off one of their legs so he can keep them right where he wants him. On his shirt, or hand, or making them jump. He was totally not being mean, he just wanted Levi to play with him and his grasshopper!!

Their house has turned out beautiful!! The windmill make really creepy noises though!

Of course Levi didn't have proper shoes, so luckily Leslie's nephew let him borrow some (little large) boots! He was pretty hilarious running around in them!

In his normal "Cautious Carl-ness" he was pretty timid, but everyone encouraged him to do very manly things that Momma was NOT gonna do! haha

We had a wonderful weekend with our 2nd family! Any time with them is always amazing!! Love you Batesies!!

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