Wednesday, July 31, 2013

F.U.N.! That's What Summer's About!

This post is mostly random fun we've been having over the last few weeks. I'm thrilled to say it's still been a good summer, even though I feel like I've been worried sick about Levi for almost the whole summer!

We teach the 2/3 yr olds on Wednesday night at church. Here they are having some fun learning about moses parting the waters. :)

I've been looking forward to Monsters University for a long time! We finally got to go! We had to wait for a day when Daddy was off and Nana could keep Chloe.

These two are guacamole MONSTERS! I mean it! They will shovel it in!!

Jim & Susan took the 3 of us on a boat ride. Cautious Carl was very concerned of course when their granddaughter flew off the tube! I think he thought she was gone FOREVER! haha And Chloe....well she wanted to jump out.

We picked Brielle up one day for a short little outing. She has a sweet new baby brother and I know how hard it is to try and entertain a toddler while caring for a newborn! Plus...Brielle and Levi have so much fun together so it was perfect!!

We went to Main Event and had a ton of fun until Levi lost his marbles. Glow golf was really fun! Chloe looking glowingly fabulous!

Brielle also loved her glowing dress!! They were so cute playing! There was lots of "ok it's my turn!!!" They did do a great job of taking turns, they just liked to remind the other one when it was their turn! haha

Up next was bowling. Kristie and the boys met us there so we all bowled together. Brielle knew was she was doing and did awesome! Levi had never bowled before and I think the combination of getting hungry/tired and all those people around made him bonkers. This outing probably would have lasted much longer had it not been for his total meltdown.

I tried to catch a picture of Chloe walking all over the place but let's be real....there are much more important things to do than take pictures when you're caring for 3 toddlers!

This says it all. Brielle was an angel and was SO well behaved and enjoyed every last drop! Levi...well....his face says it all. :( Sorry Brielle, Levi was kind of a buzz kill.

Sissy loves her some spaghetti and meat balls!

We went to the little water park in Denton on Dad's day off.

The kiddos were enjoying their time being silly...

trying to eat the water....

and then BAM it was raining. Bummer!

Chloe didn't mine! Good thing is, we weren't there long and we got a rain check!!

Then we went to spend a day with Aunt Holly and her precious Collin!! OOOOOHHHH I could just eat him up!!! How he slept through the commotion of my two children I'll never know!!

Big eyes!

This was after Levi's first week of swim lessons so we hoped to get a little practice in. It was POURING rain when we left so I really didn't think we'd get to swim, so I forgot Chloe's floaty. :( This worked, but I wasn't comfortable letting go of it. She'll float safely all day long in her little frog float.

Then Saturday, my dad treated us all to Josh Turner! We left the kids with a non-family babysitter for the first time. They had a blast and Levi asked for her the next morning. :) Us, my parents, and Steve and Kristie had some much needed adult time with a really nice dinner and a concert!

Have you ever seen a cuter cowboy?? I sure haven't!

And here's some of me sneaking in on them while they sleep...I just love to watch them!!!

My angels...

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