Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chloe's first birthday party!!

I put way too much thought into my kids birthday parties. My dad calls them "productions." (Kristie is equally guilty so he thinks we're crazy! haha) I think about them for months and I want every detail laid out just as it is in my head...or on pinterest. Well, the week we had before this party was BONKERS and I'll just say every detail was not like I wanted. was a beautiful party with all the people who love our sweet Chloe Grace!

My brother built the awesome lemonade was just like I pictured in my head!

I realized after the party that the awesome chalkboard I drew up for her pictures got left in her closet for the party. :( boohooo

The menu was extremely simple! And I delegated most of it so I didn't stress myself out. Kristie made the adorable cupcakes, my mom made the pink Rice Krispie treats and thumbprint cookies and I ordered the smash cake. All I had to do was make cake pops and prepare the favors! Grammy and Mimi helped me get everything in order that morning!

Everything turned out really adorable. Then the scorching sun bleached out the thumbprint cookies, melted the adorable smash cake and turned the cake pops into complete smotherines! Oh well...Aunt Holly got good picture before hand!

Mason jars with pretty little flowers and monthly pictures on the tables...

And the most beautiful little one year old I've ever seen!

I'm so blessed I get to be her Mommy!!

And thank heavens for Daddy!! I don't think I'd be able to do this without him!! They sure wouldn't be as good looking, that's for sure. :)

Our amazing family of four!

She was the most lame 1st birthday cake eater ever! But she was still adorable and I still want to remember it!! So here it is....all 4 boring minutes!

YouTube Video

Phillip...the really soon to be dad! (A big shout out to Diana and Holly for not going into labor at this party!!! Thanks a ton girls!)

Grandpa and Lucas!

We were trying to get Levi to show her how to eat it. No such luck with that one either! I guess they don't like all the attention. HAHAHA we all know that's not true!

Uncle Brent and Tiffy were here!

One of the gorgeous super preggos....where's the other??

She got lots of girly goodies!!

Getting mobbed by all the kids! Evidently it's still really exciting to get presents even when they're not yours! haha.

The favors were lemonade and marshmallows. Once again, the sun melted them to smotherines. :(

Notice her adorable birthday crown her big cousin, Braeden made her!

I was SOOOOOOOO incredibly excited to find out that all my Batesie's were coming to the party. The youngest, beautiful Audrey!

Sweet Brielle was showing Chloe how to play with her new vanity!! I know Chloe is going to look up to her so much when they're older!

And to make the weekend just a little nuttier....we had bought tickets to a concert LOOOOONG before I knew the party would be this weekend. The concert was Friday night, I needed a night out anyway! Kristie, Kayla, Kelsey, Diana, Tifanie and myself went to see Boyz II Men, 98 degrees, and NKOTB!!! It was such a blast from the past and SOOOOOOO fun!!!

Ahhhhh....he's still gorgeous!!!

I love these girls so much! Once again....thank you Diana for holding that kid in for a few more days! haha

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