Friday, July 26, 2013

Wonderland fun!!

Well hello blog....we meet again! Just when I was getting caught up, I got behind. :/
A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I headed to Amarillo to have some fun with Mimi and Grandpa Lin at Wonderland!! Mimi has been waiting for this day since Levi was born I'm pretty sure! We sure with Daddy could have gone, but the store was still way too busy at this point.
We got new backpacks in the mail from Grandma (Bates) just in time to pack them up for Mimi's! Levi was so excited about his. I told him to pack some toys, I turned around and he had EVERY hot wheels he owns in the backpack! (If you know him....that's A LOT!!!) I quickly had to put the kabosh on most of those. He didn't put it down the whole trip! This car trip was not so fun. Chloe slept a lot, but anytime she was awake she was crying. Levi didn't sleep the whole time. Which is ok, he's been doing better if he misses his nap, but it's hard to keep him entertained for 5 hours!

None the less...we made it!! We started off with a little dinner to charge up before the fun.

Then we hit up the carousel!!

Sissy even rode!

Then onto the boats! We've talked before about Cautious Carl, and how Chloe is not that way at all. Well it was VERY apparent on these rides! She was loving it!!

YouTube Video
Of course Levi was THRILLED about the cars and wanted to ride them 100 times. They went a little fast for my liking.... (you can't really see Chloe's face but she's grinning from ear to ear!! She had SOOOO much fun!)

Then she decided she was going to try to turn around and stand up. Levi freaked out and was saying "Mom! Chloe!" and I was yelling "GRAB HER HAND! HOLD ON TO HER!!" I was pretty sure they would stop the ride, but they didn't!!! I about had a heart attack the rest of the ride so she was NOT allowed back on the cars. We'll try again when she can better understand directions!

Levi was very seriously driving and watching to make sure the one behind him wasn't gonna pass him. :)

YouTube Video

This is the 2nd time they rode the boats (after the car incident.) After I stopped filming, she stood up and tried to climb into the back seat of the boat. Sheeeeeeeesh.

YouTube Video

This was after we rode the log ride. I was pretty impressed that he even did it! When we got to the front he wanted to back out. I knew if Daddy was there, he wouldn't let we charged on. He actually did fantastic and really liked it!!

Mimi and Levi shared a little ice cream....

And fed the paper pig. :)

Sissy was SACKED! It was too much fun for one night. :)

Wanna hear a story about me throwing a Chloe hissy fit? I went to get my memory card to put in the ipad and guess what.....NO MEMORY CARD IN THE CAMERA! What's worse?? I made a huge point to actually take pictures with my real camera to capture this fun night. So I snapped all those fun pics all night long without noticing the camera was saying "demo" on the screen. grrrrrrrrrrrr Thank goodness for iphones!
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