Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last Day - Parliament Tour

Tuesday morning we wanted to quickly fit in a Parliament tour before we had to head to the airport. It's a gorgeous building and I was so excited to go inside and hear a little bit of history! However....the "English" tour was led by a Hungarian lady with an extremely heavy accent. Forgive me if any of my facts are wrong, I'm repeating what I think she said. haha!

Beautiful! Remember that 896 year I mentioned earlier? Well that's 96 steps, and Holly and I carried a stroller up alllllllll of them! It was the first time that I thought having the stroller was a pain!
No building in Budapest is currently allowed to be taller than 96 meters, the height of Parliament and St. Stephen's Basilica. These stone columns are 6 meters tall and weigh 4 tons each! The stained glass windows are original, they were taken out and stored during WWII. This building was hit by over 300 bombs during that war.

The Holy Crown of Hungary. These guards did this cool little "routine" around the crown. I don't know what you call it, or maybe they had been changing guards. We walked up just as they were finishing. This crown has been through a lot with all the Nazi and Communism mess that's gone on in Hungary. It somehow ended up at Ft. Knox and was returned to them after Communism fell.
This is where their government meets. They have a huge number of representatives compared to the population of the country. The current government has agreed to reduce the number of the next 2 years. Holly says the Hungarian's talk about how they have way too many people all the time.

And our last Hungarian meal. Truly Hungarian!! Goulash! It was DELICIOUS!!! Tastes a lot like what I would call Beef Stew. The other choice on the lunch menu was rather odd, deep fried cheese (like cheese sticks only a giant wedge of cheese!) steamed rice and cranberry sauce? Who came up with that?
I'm not sure if I've said this already in my posts...but going to Hungary is like stepping back in time about 20 years. They were only freed from Communism in 1989. With that said, the fashion is pretty funny there! MC Hammer pants are IN! Seriously we saw them everywhere, for sale on stands, on many many girls and lots of shops. These might have been the most atrocious!
This was an AMAZING trip!! We missed Trent soooooooo much but we are very thankful for the opportunity to get to see these beautiful places, and get to spend some much needed time with Holly!!!

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