Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arriving in Budapest and Day 1

I'm going to break our trip into a few different posts or it would be so long no one would read it! It's way more likely I will get all (well ok, not all) the details that way! As of today Levi is scooting backwards everywhere. I'm afraid the "chase" will begin in the next couple of months! It would totally be ok with me if he didn't crawl for a few more months. :)

So we left Dallas at 9:30pm. It was the greatest thing ever because Levi slept the whole way to London. He had a little bassinet (after we surprisingly were told at the airport they didn't use them about freak out!) and was fantastic on the trip over! But sheesh that was
one long flight!

We had to change plans in London. We didn't have much time so someone from British Airways met us at our gate and rushed us through security. If we learned anything this's that traveling with a baby does have it's perks! Much more so in other countries than in the US. However....their way of checking baby "liquids" is by making you taste them! Levi had NO appetite while we were gone anyway so it turned out alright that I had to open 2 of his food pouches and taste them. If you don't refrigerate them they are no good after a couple of hours. :( That stuff is not cheap and I don't like to waste it! We left London at 2:00 and got to Budapest at 5:30, we were soooooo excited to see Holly!!!!

Levi's seat belt on British Airways...haha!
He's way more excited than he looks!

About 3 seconds later...

The courtyard at Holly's flat.
Walking through Holly's neighborhood to see the river, then grab some dinner.

Looking across the Danube River at Buda Castle
Holly and Phillip pushing Levi around in Budapest!
We had dinner at Soul Cafe and then headed home for BED! We were pretty exhausted! Luckily Levi slept all night, he did wake up about 3 and need to eat. Since we lost 7 hours, he didn't get all the food his little tummy needed to sleep his normal hours!

The next day we had to run a few quick errands before we started sight seeing. Mom needed a curling iron and Levi needed diapers so we went to the mall. Holly says it's where they go to get any electronics they NEED, electronics are very expensive in Hungary.

This is the entrance to Holly's building..

The mall. Looks like a mall!
I was taking this picture because this is the steepest escalator ever!!! It's way worse than a 45 degree angle!
Cheesin' on the metro.

Having lunch at Friday's. Real Hungarian right? haha. It was close and we were starving.
Then we headed to the market! It was soooo neat! Definitely a little different than we do our grocery shopping!

Many of the buildings have these beautiful and intricate roofs. The market is a gorgeous building!
After the market, we walked down Andrassy St. on our way to Heroes' Square.

This is the opera. It was built during the rule of the Habsburg Royal Family. Budapest wanted an opera, but they were told that it could not be as big as the one in Vienna. They look a lot alike, the one in Vienna is huge, but the one in Budapest is beautiful! They tried to make it that way since they were told it couldn't be bigger.
Heroes' Square. The Magyar people were nomads who originally settled in Hungary. The country is actually called Magyar Orszag (Country of the Magyar) and their language is called Magyar. St. Stephen is the man who converted them to Christianity and is a huge figure in their history. This is a memorial to some of the important parts of their history.
Magyar people
Art on Lake in the Park. Those are "castles" in the background. They're not really castles, but they represent the four different types of architecture you can find in the city.
People booze it up all over the place! These two were cute, having a little picnic in their boat!
That means Heroes' Square
Mom and Holly in her TINY elevator!
Then we went to dinner at Mini. This is Levi in his crazy European high chair!
Um...excuse me, but how am I supposed to reach the things on the table in this chair?!?

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