Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lake Amistad with the Batesies

Ah........serenity! It's that time of year again! The annual house boat trip on Lake Amistad. I've said it before and I'll say it again....The Bates' are my second family. I love them like family and they will ALWAYS be a part of our lives!!! They are nice enough to invite us along on this adventure each year and it is F.U.N.!!!

This year we had 2 tiny little passengers with us. :) They're plotting their swimming plans here.

Daddy and Levi about to go swimming. Levi looks a little nervous about that BIG swimming pool. :)

Don't worry, it didn't stop him! He had a blast in his little froggy floaty!

And here's Gage, he also seems a little unsure of that giant body of water! He didn't like his life jacket (well neither of them did, they looked VERY uncomfortable!) but he liked the froggy floaty too!!!

"Uh mom...I think it's my nap time."

This was HILARIOUS! Gage makes this awesome dinosaur noise and when he roared at Levi he started boohooing, big ole' baby! They were friends again in like 5 seconds.

This is the sweetest pictures of Gage and his Grandpa!

Stayin hydrated with Dad

One cool dude, with some wind blown hair!

I didn't mean for this to be turned like this, but look at his sweet little chompers! You can kind of tell the two on each side of his teeth are trying to come in too. They are giving him a lot more trouble than the other two did. He wakes up every now and then crying at night, but he puts himself back to sleep pretty quickly.

Ahhhhh......4 days. Get on the boat, don't get off the boat. No showers, no make up, no blow dryers, no flat irons, no cell phones, no computers. Just fantastic friends, good fun, and wonderful memories!

I'm squeezing in a little blog post now. It's going to be a busy week for Levi and me. We're here until Friday, then all 3 of us are going to Oklahoma to see the new Nelson family Chicken Express in Ada. Trent will come back to Houston, but Levi and I are headed to Europe with Nana to visit Holly!!!! We are SOOOOOO excited to not only go to Europe for the first time, but to get to see Holly and Philip! We will be in Budapest and will either go to Prague or Salzburg, I don't think we've decided which one yet. From what I'm reading, we could spend the whole trip in Budapest and not run out of things to see! Hopefully I'll get to blog quickly again before we get home from Budapest....but if not get ready for 1 looooong blog post! haha!

Love to everyone!

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