Friday, July 1, 2011

8 months?!?!

Wait did I just type 8??? I'm not really sure how that still happened?! And then why do I still have baby weight? hahaha. I digress. Levi and I have just been hanging out this week and loving every minute of it! He's so close to crawling and wants to go soooo bad!

Here's Sweet Cheeks!

We've been doing a lot of this....
With a little bit of this.... (I found this fabric super cheap at Walmart in January and thought "I'll make a 4th wreath! Then on Monday I realized, Yikes!, the 4th is this weekend!)
And a whole lot of this...... (He seems something he wants, thinks he's gonna go get it, then face plants. He hasn't quite figured out yet to put his arms down first!)
Followed by some of this.....(he scoots backwards everywhere but hasn't learned that it hurts really bad to hit your head on the wood floors! Poor baby!)
And a little bit of this.....
I'm not sure what possessed him to think this was a good idea, but he had pools of milk in his eye and it wasn't bothering him a bit! He thinks it's real funny to push his head back over the boppy when he's giving himself his bottle. Then he started shaking his bottle and getting milk everywhere!!!

Here are a few more things he's up to these days. :)
- He's discovered he can make all kinds of cool noises with his mouth, clicking, motor boat sounds, and he is VERY vocal! He still hasn't said any words but he makes quite a few consonant sounds.
- He loves music! He starts to "dance" (as much as a kid who can only sit up can dance) when I sing to him, or especially when the "Hot Dog" song comes on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
- He's spending more time on his knees during tummy time. In a weeks time he's gone from spending most of it on his belly holding himself up with his arms, to spending a lot of time on his knees rocking back and forth.
- He can feed himself puffs now. It usually takes a little while and Mom and Dad are quite entertained by watching him!
- He's started to try and put his blocks back in his bucket. You know the kind where the holes in the top match the shape of the block? I show him over and over and now he will at least take the block and hit it on the top of the bucket. It's an improvement from just throwing them and putting them in his mouth. :)
- He will look for a toy if we put a blanket on top of it. Evidently that's a milestone they're supposed to meet between 6-9 months. The Doc told me to watch for it or I would have had NO clue he was supposed to do that! haha
- Oh and the laugh! His laugh will absolutely melt your heart! There is NOOOOOO sweeter sound in this world!

My sweet friend Karen and her son Gavin are coming over for lunch today. We are frantically packing this morning because we decided last night to go to the lake to visit my family. Trent found out he's getting off at 1 so we had to go SOMEWHERE. You know us....go go go!

On that note..... gotta go!

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