Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday June 20 - Vienna Day 2

Monday morning we set out for Nachsmarkt. This is a market that has little cafes on one side and fresh produce and other gourmet foods on the other. This is where local gourmet chefs come to get the freshest ingredients. It was soooo cool!

This is a vinegar bar....who knew?
.This was a little soap shop that we LOVED! That had so many neat handmade soaps!
And an explosion of heaven in your mouth!!! Those things back there in the back corner are almonds covered with Tiramisu. Words cannot describe how delicious they were!
And typical German food.....a barrel full of Sour Kraut. Ugh!
And pickles....
More asparagus...have you ever seen asparagus this big....or white?? I hadn't!
Next up was St. Peter's Church. This church was built in honor of Leopold I who got down on his knees and begged for God to spare Vienna from the Plague. It was unheard of for someone of his status to get on their knees in public.
The statue representing the same....
This church was incredibly colorful and ornate inside....another beautiful sight!

And take a look at that smiling face and an INCREDIBLE metro!! When I say clean...I mean CLEAN!!! New York is really the only other public transportation I have to compare these cities to, and NY is DISGUSTING compared to these.
And the disaster begins. Levi was HORRIBLE on the train ride home! He had enough I guess....he screamed until he finally went to sleep for about, oh, 30 minutes. Then he woke up and "talked" very loudly and made all the new noises he has discovered his mouth can make. I'm sure everyone on the train hated him!
We were waiting on our train and realized that the monitor said "cancelled." When we asked they said oh it's just been moved to the other station. Luckily we were only a couple of metro stops away so we rushed over to the other station only to wait on a delayed train. We found out that 2 empty trains had run into each other at our original station so they rerouted all trains through the other one. I'm sure that didn't help Levi's attitude towards the train ride. :) But nonetheless, we made it home safely about 11pm Monday night!

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