Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday June 17 - Szeycheni Baths and Dinner with Friends

One of the things I was most excited about doing were the Szecheyni Baths! When Holly found out she was moving to Budapest, I had my class do a research project on Hungary to "help her get to know her new city." The Baths were things that kept coming up in our research so I knew they had to be cool! I'm pretty sure Mom was most excited about this too! The Baths were originally built as a temporary spa in 1881 but became so popular that the permanent structure was built in 1913. It's all natural water and inside the building there are natural mineral pools. It also serves as a full service spa now, but we just did the mineral baths.

Of course the inside of the building was amazingly beautiful.

Um wow! The pool closest to me in this picture was the "fun" pool. It was the coolest at about 86 degrees F. I don't know exactly because they use the metric system and everything was in Celsius. There were jets that would shoot up and a whirlpool in the middle.
Levi had a wonderful time here! He LOVES to swim and Hungarian people LOVED him!!! Everyone would talk to him in Hungarian and he would just give them the biggest ol' grin! No matter what language or country, people love babies!! One thing I was very shocked to find was that NO ONE....I mean NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON, reached for Levi's face or hands. Here at home I'm sometimes a nervous wreck because people will talk to him and reach for his face and hands. I am not above moving their hands before they get to him either. But EVERY person that talked to him in Budapest and Vienna both reached only for his feet! I was amazed....and very thankful. :)

The middle pool outside is a lap pool, no swimming without a cap!
So inside was all the mineral baths. The first thing you notice is the SMELL! The sulphur smell is extremely strong. The structure itself is very pretty, with huge marble columns. This bath was the "coolest" in this part. I think it was like 36 Celsius, I could hardly put my toes in it. I'm a big weiner when it comes to hot water.

40 degrees is HOT!!! It's the equivalent of about 107 Farenheit. You're supposed to go back and forth between 20 and 40. I couldn't get in either one! The 20 is like ICE WATER!

And Holly's favorite part.... the "foot sanitizer." I'm pretty sure it was just mist, but we won't tell her. :)
I'm so glad I got to experience this fantastic place with Holly, Mom and Levi!!!
Friday night, the Bowman's friends Katie and Wilson had us over for dinner. They were super sweet! I loved meeting them and knowing that Holly and Phillip have some friends who are so wonderful in a place that could be very lonely.
Katie and Wilson, they LOVED Levi! Well....let's be real here....who doesn't!?!
Me and Mommy
More historical stuff to come! Holly has always been my "nerdy" friend. She met her match with Phillip...but let me tell you, they are DEFINITELY the two to travel Europe with. I learned so much from them! They're the nerdiest couple ever! (Just kidding know I love you!) I have a little inner nerd myself. :)

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