Friday, June 17, 2011


We are actually in Budapest, Hungary right now....but I'm updating in order! We went to Ada, Oklahoma to see the Nelson Family's newest Chicken Express. I realized after going back through the pictures that I didn't take any of the actual store. I'll have to get some that mom has sent me when we get home. The store is off to a wonderful start and is a beautiful building!

The plans were for Levi, Nathan and Braeden to go swimming on Saturday morning but Sir Snoozalot slept through swim time. Nathan and Braeden had fun though!

It's not an easy task to get these 3 to take a picture together!

Levi playing with Aunt Kristie and Uncle Steve at the new Chicken E.

Excuse their bed head, haha! This was after some projectile vomiting! We still don't know exactly what it was, but he puked EVERYWHERE in Dad's car and then again in the middle night Friday night. Made me super nervous to be leaving the country, but he's been doing fine. He hasn't had a huge appetite but that could be from a number of things.

Mom and I did a lot of shopping in Ada Saturday. That town has a TON of cute little boutiques!!

On Sunday we took Trent back to the airport in OKC. We stopped for just a few minutes at the OKC Federal Building Memorial. I've always wanted to go there and really want to go back when we have more time. It really is a neat memorial!

I loved the quote on this wall. I can't remember all of it, but it said "this city and this nation will not be defeated, our deeply rooted faith sustains us." Even though it seems like all there is in our country is hate and violence, this is a reminder that there are many people who love and trust God!

Nathan and Braeden wrestling....which turned into Braeden kissing Nathan! haha

All 3 of them skyping Trent Sunday night.

Brief Hungary update...we made it safely. The flight over was great. We were SOOOOOOOOO glad to see Holly and are absolutely enjoying this city! We're at Holly's flat right now letting Levi and Nana take a nap. I'll update again if I have time, but it may not be until we get home!

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  1. I'm glad ya'll got there safely! I love how Levi sits up sooo straight! He has the best posture and looks like a little man!