Sunday, March 27, 2011

A bad week followed by a good weekend!

So when I'm not being a wife or mommy, I'm at school playing teacher. This year has been a major struggle in my classroom. Let's just say my teammates and I keep saying "it can't get any worse." *hanging head in shame* It just got worse. Monday I got ANOTHER new student and this one has more issues than I could have imagined in my worst nightmare. I'll give you a small peek into my classroom - 73 kids, 11 special ed, 3 NON-english speakers, (2 speak Portugese and 1 Albanian, we're not talking espanol here people) FIVE behavior charts, 1 psych evaluation under way, a few kids with MAJOR issues and parents who refuse to accept it and move on, and 3 REALLY crazy parents. If you're not a teacher you might not get that, but we'll just sum it up with H.A.R.D. Thank heavens for my evening walks with my 2 awesome boys...they have no idea how they save me each and every night! We tried out the sippy cup last week. Levi has really been opening his mouth wide when he sees us drinking so we decided to give it a shot. He's not too sure what to do with the water but he has fun trying. :) I was trying to get a picture of the curls on the side of his head. Out of control, but adorable!
Fell asleep helping mommy cook dinner.
Then we headed to San Antonio to see Trent's family. One of his cousins was graduating from Air Force boot camp so the whole family was headed that way. Unfortunately Ashleigh got sick and we didn't get to see her, but we did get to see some of the family! We didn't do anything fancy, just old fashioned hanging out by the pool at Uncle Brent's! The water was still too cold for Levi, but the weather was gorgeous!
Grammy, plump girl, Levi and Poppy
Bad picture, cute necklace! I kept telling Trent to take pictures of me and Levi because I hardly have any with him. Fail.
But look how handsome these two are!

I love how he's looking at gunner here.

Us with Mimi
Our perfect family! (You'll have to excuse that plump girl that keeps showing up here...not sure who she is. :))
Daddy being silly. Another weekend in Uncle Brent's pool with no trips to the ER = success!
Levi getting some Mimi love. :)
So I'm definitely glad I'm starting my week with these memories fresh on my mind rather than harping on last week! I'm praying this one will go a little more smooth. And I'm SUPER praying for no more new students!!!


  1. Em, I'm so sorry about your crazy, insane classroom. Everyday you are getting closer to ssssuummmeerr!
    I.MELT when I see this little angel's picture. Emily, he's the most adorable baby. When I see his picture I think "are you kidding me, is he real?"!!!!
    I love reading your blog, so many similar emotions we have
    Thinking of you this am as you get ready for work
    Lots of love.
    Ps. I feel like I hardly have any pictures of McClain & me! Hello! We're the mom's, take our picture! Haha

  2. If this makes life any easier, next years group is so much better. I remember this time last year I was in your shoes and I could not wait for the year to end. All of the teachers were telling me that the group coming up was so much better and I just couldn't help but think "THey better be!" And much to my delight, they are.