Sunday, March 6, 2011


After living in Houston for 3.5 years, I am still amazed at all these city slickers trying to go country for these 3 weeks of the year! I'm's crazy! These people are kookoo over the rodeo! Today was "Round Up" Day at church. We LOVE the music at our church but today the Eleven Eleven band was turned into old school country, complete with a banjo, steel guitar, and beards. It was pretty awesome, felt like we had jumped inside O Brother Where Art Thou. Not that I'm a cowgirl or anything, (I'm totally not) but I grew up pretty country and all these city people dressed up like cowboys is hilarious! Our church is HUGE (something that took me a lot of time to get used to) so there were a LOT of wanna be cowboys running around today! :) Either way, it's a blast!

It was a beautiful day, here we are taking a walk to Auto Zone. Yes, I said Auto Zone. Daddy needed to change the oil. :)

He loves to take walks! He's always so relaxed in his stroller.

This week we are throwing a girl at school a baby shower. I've been dying for a reason to make cupcake toppers so here's what I did! She totally stole my girl name, but I love her anyway!

"This is boring mom, can we go play?"

We were trying to come up with ways to do this shower "easy" without doing the typical grocery store cake after school. Someone brought us cake balls when we had Levi, and honestly I wasn't too impressed. BUT, they seemed like a pretty easy solution for a shower. Since I've never made them before I thought I'd try them out first. We went to dinner at a friends house this weekend so I made St. Patty's Day cake balls to test them out. They were pretty good! Not my favorite, but easy and cute! I love just about anything I can dye to be colorful. I made blue mashed potatoes once. :) They'll be pink for the shower of course.

Not too much excitement in the Coleman house this last week. Just some allergies and such. I'm pretty sure Levi has allergies. He's got that annoying little cough and runny nose again. One more week until Spring Break! Now that's exciting!

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