Monday, March 14, 2011

4 month check up

We saw Dr. Clarke today for our 4 month check up. We're a couple of weeks late because I scheduled it while I was off for spring break. We made it through the day much better than his 2 month check up! I didn't cry at all, and he only cried a little with his second shot. He didn't even flinch with the first one and I thought we might skate outta there with no tears...but the nurse said the medicine in the second one stings a little. He got pretty fussy after waking up from a long nap this afternoon so we gave him a little tylenol for his little legs. He usually LOVES to stand up (well bear weight on his legs) and he would cry when we tried so we knew what was wrong. Here's what the doc said....

14.1 lbs - he's a little on the small side compared to everyone else but according to HIS growth he's right where he should be.
25.75 in. - he's pretty long for his age compared to everyone else
16.5 in. head circumference - again a little on the small side compared to others, but good on his growth chart...I guess he did get a Nelson head. :)

He can start on rice cereal if we want to though there's no rush. We decided we'd try it and listen to him as far as if he's ready or not. We mixed it according to what the doc said and it was a joke! It wasn't hardly "solid" at all but he handled it well. He opened up for the spoon like a champ! Of course he barely swallowed any in the beginning but he got the hang of it by the end. He also said it was ok to try and drop the 10 pm feeding so we're trying that tonight! I guess I better get in bed in case I have to get up way earlier than usual. Here are a few pics from the first "solid" meal.

He ate most of the meal with his leg like this and sucked his thumb in between bites. Silly boy.

And I caught this one right before bed, seriously is that not the cutest face you've ever seen??

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  1. Sooo adorable! Glad the check up went well
    Sad his little leg was hurting :(
    Adore the thumb sucking, leg up while eating---seriously hilarious

    You are doing good Mommy!!!