Sunday, March 13, 2011

Batesie visit and the Rodeo

My friend Shelly was here visiting all the way from Kuwait this week! She actually had training all week so she went home (Crane) last weekend and then hung out with us this weekend. Trent hasn't seen the Bates girls since last year's boat trip so we were so excited they came to stay with us! Leslie drove down from Brownwood, and we wished so bad the last Bates daughter would have been with us! If you know the Bates girls, you know that there is no minute you are hanging out with them that you're not laughing...this weekend was no exception

Here's Levi ready to go to Olive Garden for lunch.

Trying on Dad's shades. :)
Anxiously awaiting salad and breadsticks!

The two coolest boys in the whole world...

The love of my life.

Another treat! My cousin Rob, who I was extremely close to growing up, is an Ag teacher so he's also in Houston this week with his students who are showing their pigs. We stopped by to visit him for just a second on Saturday at the rodeo, but I'm sure we'll see him again this week!

Levi's reaction to the rodeo. I guess I should be comforted by the fact that he probably won't be a bull rider when he grows up! He was fine walking around the fair, shopping, and animals but this is what happened the minute we walked into the rodeo arena. He was SO upset! A totally different cry than he usually cries. I guess it was way too noisy in there for his little ears to handle.

Trent went to check the stroller in and by the time he got back I had decided that we couldn't stay. I didn't want to be those people with the crying kid who just sit their and ruin the experience for everyone else. Once he got back in the stroller he was long as we kept moving. Every time we stopped this is what happened...

Ok, we're good as long as we keep moving...

I really was just taking a picture of the ridiculous things they have fried, but when I got home I realized the place was called Sweet Cheeks! That's what I call Levi. But seriously, look at the stuff they fried! Oreos? M&Ms? Twinkies? Snickers? Gross. Trent tried a fried twinkie, I stuck to the trusty chocolate dipped cheesecake. Yum! The rodeo definitely does not do good things to my still-inflated waistline!

Shelly's brilliant idea. :)

The closest thing to sisters I have! (we're missing Haylea:( )

And for some odd reason Shelly felt the need to eat this. That's a frog butt people. She said it wasn't too bad until it started to taste fishy, SICK!

We had a fantastic weekend, I'm so glad we got to hang out with Leslie and Shelly. I'm on spring break next week, hallelujah! I'm so excited to spend the week with our precious Levi and hopefully get some stuff done around the house. We go to Dr. Clarke in the morning for Levi's 4 month checkup which includes shots. :( I pray I hold myself together better than I did last time and don't lock my keys in the car, haha.

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  1. I can't stop laughing at that picture of Levi in the stroller! He is so freaked out! haha bless his heart.