Sunday, March 3, 2013

Holly Finally Visits!!!

One of the things I was most excited about with this move was that I would only be an hour from Holly! Well....she works too much and I never get to see her. :( BUT she is done working her really long hours and came for a visit last night!

Before she came, I put Chloe in this adorable romper to try and get a good picture. It was too big last summer, but I'm afraid she won't fit in it this summer so I really wanted her to wear it!!

Our photo shoot didn't exactly go as planned of course.... I did get one really good one.

This is what happened when I told my two male assistants to make her smile haha.

This is not a good picture, but I think it captures how much they love each other. He really wanted to be in the picture and then she wouldn't look at me because she was crawling all over him!

Again...bugging him. :)

"what can I get into now mom??"

She loves the nebulizer cord. She chews on it the whole time she takes a breathing treatment! Make it pretty easy though!

Chloe has been really interested in Levi's airplane. He wasn't real into her being on it until he figured out he could push her! Then it was fun!!!

We drove over to Ernesto's to have a yummy dinner with Holly!

She's 5 months pregnant with her first baby boy and you can hardly tell!!

We had such a wonderful time catching up and talking about babies!!

Hopefully now that she's done working such crazy hours we can see her more often! We love you Holly!!

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