Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fish fry!!

I apologize for the short, choppy posts but my App is doing something really weird. There's some picture that I'm trying to post that is causing problems so I'm splitting up one post into like 5!

Last week Jim and Susan called to tell Trent that the fish were biting. He took Levi down there for a little while and he was SO excited!!! He ran in the door telling me that he held a fish! (It was actually just a minnow but he was really excited) He kept saying "Dim, Soodin fish!"

The next day they decided a fish fry was in order. Since he was still talking about them fishing, we told him we were going to eat the fish. Then he kept saying "eat fish!" I told Trent, yeah right....he won't touch it! Well I was wrong! He had so much fun watching them cook and then he actually ate some!

*I just discovered the culprit...the picture of Levi helping fry the fish won't post!?!?!*

Chloe even ate some fish! I didn't let her have too much because it was a first for her, but she liked it!

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