Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Random Week in Our House....

I really wanted to go see the site where the new store will be since they are starting work this week. This is store number 4 for my family, but the first one that Trent and I will actually get to see through the whole process. With all 3 of the other ones, I would come visit and magically a building had appeared! Kristie and I took Lucas, Levi and Chloe to see it.

Levi loved watching the big truck scoop up the dirt and put it in the other truck! (You probably can't tell, but that little sign on the pole says "Chicken Express" and the address. hahaha! The electric company needed to know where to go so the contractor made a sign. Pretty funny!

After we left this site, we drove over to the other piece of property we have for sale. Our for sale sign had managed to get moved allllllll the way to the back of the property where no one could see! I should have taken a pic, but it's not a small sign. Anyway....Kristie and I earned our pay by moving it alllllll the way back across the parking lot so people could see it!

We also built our first fort this week! Levi loved it!!! He wanted everyone to come play in his fort! Me, Chloe, Gunner....he wanted everybody in. He'd yell "Gu-er fart!" Translation "Gunner, fort!" I could not stop laughing! He and I got in the fort and called for Chloe to come play with us. She crawled across the entire living room to come play!

He modeled his shades for us. :)

This picture is hilarious, she fell asleep sitting up.

What makes it even more hilarious is that Kristie sent me this picture of Lucas like 2 days before!!! (Yes we are good mothers and moved them after we snapped a pic!)

Levi loves fruit snacks!!

Except this is how he says it...."boot nacks"

YouTube Video

We've also been working on saying "love you." The way he says it, some people think he's saying no. So we've really been working on saying both words clearly.

YouTube Video

Last night we really needed to get out of the house! Nana came over and watched the babies so I could go work out, and when I got home we decided we'd take him to Chuck E. Cheese. Trent and my dad were both working last night so we knew we'd just be sitting at home bored if we didn't get out! He had fun, but he really doesn't "get" it yet. Which is probably good because we got in and out with only $28. Nana tells me it's much worse when they're Nathan and Braeden's age!

We also ended up having to run to Durant to pick up marinated livers. Yes, you read that right....MARINATED LIVERS. And I even unloaded the tub all by myself. Excuse me while I throw up....I can't believe people eat those nasty things!
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  1. I'll try a slimy slug looking onion but liver No Thanks! That stuff stinks! My mom used to cook it when we were little and the only one who liked it was Sherry Ann. yuk!