Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mimi Visits and a Car Show

Mimi came to visit last weekend while she was on spring break! It was so nice to have her all to ourselves and just have a relaxing weekend!

Chloe thought her car racing was HILARIOUS!

Levi kept complaining about his thumb...I thought he has a splinter but I don't think so. After a good scrubbing and a lot of kisses, it was all better.

The weather was absolutely beautiful! We have a few projects on our lists so we took advantage of the weather and got a couple done! I've been wanting to paint our porch swing. The view from our back yard is amazing (I've heard that before) and we spend a lot of time back there. I love watching Levi play and I know Chloe will be joining him soon. It's such a happy spot that I thought it needed to look much cuter.

I haven't gotten the fabric to recover the cushion yet, but it's coming.

Sweet piggy tails jumping!

Saturday Trent wanted to go to a car show/swap meet at Texas Motor Speedway. Anyone who's known me a long time knows that cars are NOT my thing. I couldn't care less. BUT....I married a man who LOVES THEM, and we produced a precious little boy who loves them just as much! Levi was in HEAVEN!

Crawling inside the old ambulance...

This little diva got quite a bit of attention herself. I mean really....have you seen anything this cute ever?!?!

This picture melted my heart! When I showed Trent, after he oogled over Levi, he said "That's a sweet car!" I don't even think I noticed the car...just look at him putting his hand on his dad's shoulder!

Mimi says this is the one Lin can buy her!!!

We dropped Mimi off at the airport on Sunday and Levi is still saying "Mimi plane, ride plane." Anytime he hears a plane or plays with his airplanes, he thinks it's Mimi's plane. :)

Another project on the list was Trent painting the letters on the tires of the golf cart. Anyone who hasn't been to Lake Kiowa is probably thinking we're nuts. Well...these peeps are SERIOUS about their golf carts out here! It's pretty funny! They're more of a way of transportation than just a golf cart. Since my brother and parents both live out here, this is how we travel to anyones house when it's not too cold. (The old cart actually had a full enclosure that allowed us to use it even in the cold. Since we just got this one, we'll wait until the fall to get one.) We also take it to the playground/beach area, the Kiowa Store, and to get a haircut!

Chloe is now pulling up on everything, including her crib. She kept knocking down the camera so I moved it to the other side of her crib where she couldn't reach it. She wasn't too thrilled with me!

She turned 9 months old yesterday!! (I'll do that post later) She also got her first french braid! I love little girls with french braids! They're so fancy looking and they keep all that hair in place! It's very difficult to braid a 9 month olds hair, hopefully we'll get better! I put her on the bathroom counter with PLENTY of things for her to play with in an attempt to get her still enough to do this. We still wiggled A LOT!

And last but not least, I decided to attempt potty training again. I started when he woke up at 3 from his nap. We went through 7 pair of underwear...BUT by the end of the night we had 4 successful potty trips!!! I'm praying we can get it this time! If not....he's not even 2.5, it'll be alright.

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  1. Love your freshly painted swing and Levi is tooo cute in his undies!