Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chloe crawls....Levi's not so thrilled

I snapped this sweet photo one night while Trent was working. If he's gone at night (which is not very often) I try to send him a pic before bed time. I just love it when they both cuddle with me!

Levi is always wanting Chloe's puffs. A few days ago he decided just to help himself. I was putting my makeup on and he came in the bathroom and said "uh oh mom, puffs." I tried really hard not to laugh! I gave him a plate and told him to pick them all up so we could put them in the trash. Then he proceeded to put one on the plate, then 3 in his mouth, repeat. Hilarious, only because I know our floors are pretty clean!

And now she's finally on the move!!!

YouTube Video

She followed Levi around all day. Everything he'd play with, she wanted to play with too. Let's just say I said "Levi, we have to share with Chloe! We have to be kind!" about one million times today. Let the refereeing begin!! I should also add that he clapped and yelled for her when she would crawl to something we put out for her, just not when it was his toys. :)

He finally resorted to sitting in the toy box and playing trains on top of the subwoofer so she couldn't get them! Haha! Won't be long until she figures that out, she's already acting like she wants to pull up on things. She can't do it, but you can see her thinking it when she's next to the ottoman or when she crawls over to me while I'm in the floor.

Excuse the snot...but you can see her tooth that finally came through! (If someone asked me today what my occupation was, I probably would have said professional nose wiper.)

Why are babies so darn cute in the bathtub???

I really need to get her some girly bath tub toys so she doesn't have to play with Levi's cars! Ha!

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  1. She is SO cute!!! And the picture of Levi in the toy box is hilarious!