Monday, December 17, 2012


I don't even think Levi saw Santa at all his first Christmas (he was only 2 months old.) Last year he screamed bloody murder. I'm not about paying out the wazoo for an assembly line of screaming children being rushed to take pictures. The VFD out here at Lake Kiowa brings Santa to your house! Nana had him stop by so all the grandkids could see him together.

We worked really hard before hand to get the lighting right for the picture spot. haha. This is the best we could do.

Just chillin with her Grandpa. :)

The older boys didn't know what was happening, they just told them they had a surprise. The fire truck pulled up and honked it's siren!

Levi and Braeden checking him out!

Nathan gladly hopped in his lap and told him what he wanted. I cannot believe he's this BIG!!!

Braeden told Santa he wanted some Santa pants and boots. hahahaha the kid LOVES costumes!

Levi looked at us like "really??? do I have to?"

We've come a long way from last year ok...

"Alright....I guess I will"

hahaha this cracks me up. Why do we do this as parents? Force them to take pictures with a man they are TERRIFIED of! Chloe really wasn't too scared. She handled it pretty well!

Sweet brothers!

Chloe even snuggled up to him at the end!

Lucas looked at him like he was nuts! haha

Then we headed outside to look around in Santa's firetruck. (He parked his sleigh and reindeer at the firehouse.)

Love this one!

And if that doesn't melt your're not human!

They even got to climb up in the truck and look around! Levi turned around and told Trent " 'mon Dad!" He wants his dad to go everywhere with him!

SOOOOO much better than the mall!
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  1. That is sooo incredibly awesome! You had your own personal Santa!!! What kids get that! I bet those boys were loving the firetruck!! What a great thing to do!