Monday, December 17, 2012


We met Landon, Diana and Brielle at the Gaylord Texan a couple of weeks ago to see the ICE! exhibit. I thought Levi would like it because it was Merry Madagascar and he has watched MANY a Madagascar movie while he does breathing treatments. :) (side note...I feel like we successfully avoided an asthma attack last week by paying attention to the weather and a little snotty nose. Hopefully we can keep things under control that way!)

I found this awesome hat at Target a few weeks ago and thought he needed to match Daddy for the winter!

The hotel is decorated so beautifully. I L.O.V.E. Christmas decorations and when they're enormous I think it's even better!

Levi loved this train! He loved it so much that he boohooed when we left because he didn't want to leave it. haha.

Sweet little cousins waiting to go in! Brielle is SO sweet and motherly to Levi. Several times through the day she grabbed his hand and led him wherever we were going. He's still 2 and needs some direction you know!

We were herded like cattle into this giant room to watch a video before they let us in. At the end is snowed on us!

I picture jacked this one from fboo. Diana's way better at taking pictures of people than I am! I love her so much and am so glad we are close and get to hang out more!

They totally threw me off my game when they said I couldn't take the stroller in! It was much harder carrying Chloe through it, but it was really crowded so the stroller might have been equally miserable.

For the record, the teacher in me is DISGUSTED at how many people have put on those dang parkas before us. Can you say LICE??

Brielle's face here cracks me up!

Levi had his typical very serious face, but he was so enjoying that he got to see all the Madagascar peeps!

This was a huge ice slide. Trent was kind and patient enough to go with him and wait in that line. It was so hard to get pictures because it was crowded! I had Chloe in my arms so Diana took pics of Levi coming down.

He was not sure of it at first but was very proud of himself at the end!

Dad's turn!

Mesmerized by the giant Santa boots!

Tia Diana got some big ole' grins out of our sweet darlin!!

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  1. Whaaaat! Why didn't Trent wear his big ole hat to ice too!