Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chloe is 6 months!

I actually didn't get Chloe's picture in her bed like I usually do on her birthdays :( She had her 6 month check up on the 19th and this picture was taken on the 16th so it's pretty close. We left the next day for Amarillo so I was preoccupied with packing.

She weighed 13 lb 12 oz (10th percentile!) She's still tiny! She's also in the 10th percentile for height but the 25th for her head. What big brains you have Chloe! Her growth curves look great and she's perfectly healthy! She was TICKED about the shots this time. She'd had a snotty nose for a couple of days before her check up and when we got there I noticed she had a little rash on her back. The doctor said it was more than likely some sort of virus. I think she was right, she ran a 102 fever that night. I know they can sometimes run fever after immunizations, but 102 is a little high for that. She only wanted to snuggle with me that day, she did NOT want me to put her down. Her fever was still over 100 when we got to Amarillo the next day but she seemed to be doing ok and we still had a wonderful Christmas with Daddy's family! (On a good note...I managed both kids by myself through a doctors visit! Levi is SUCH a well behaved little boy most of the time! Give him a 97 cent car and he's all good.)

She's starting to sit up really well! She much prefers sitting up to laying down at all times! Don't you dare try to make her sit in a way that she can't see her brother! She's also getting into more and more solids. So far we've done pears, carrots, prunes and peas. Much to my shock...she gobbled up the peas today at lunch! Levi never would touch them, and I can't say I blame him. Ick. Hopefully Chloe will be more of a veggie eater. She's so busy with her hands these days. If you put anything in her reach she will get it and destroy watch out! She loves things that make noise. The wipe package is her fave! It makes the coolest noise (said no mom or dad ever!) She loves all her new toys she got for Christmas and Levi loves some of them too. :) The lessons on sharing have begun. He doesn't like for her to get his toys, but he thinks it's ok to take her toy right out of her hands! Not cool brother.

I can't believe our little angel is 6 months old already. I'm soooooo thankful to get to be at home with them and cherish these days when they are so tiny!

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