Monday, December 3, 2012

Gingerbread Fun!

One thing I will miss about Wolfe elementary this year is gingerbread week. So....of course we had to try it out with Levi!

He enjoyed it so much once he got the hang of it and did really well with not just making a huge mess! He would actually put the candy where we told him to. Plus, the kit came with nasty candy so he didn't even try to eat it! Ha!

He ate crackers instead :)

Chloe has gotten so BUSY! If you put anything in front of her she's hitting it and grabbing at it.

Exhibit A

He did a little dance move instead of saying cheese :)

And here are just a couple of randoms....

I'm loving this stage with their interaction. Levi loves to make her smile, he's so proud when she giggles at him! I have to remind him to be gentle but he's great with her for the most part.

Here is one of Chloe's sweet Christmas outfits! Her Aunt Batesie and Grandma Bates sent it to her!

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