Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Matthew!

This post is way late, but sure can't forget it! The weekend before Thanksgiving, my cousin Matthew had a 30th birthday party. It was supposed to be a surprise but he found out. Either way, his wife, Jennifer did a great job!

Since I was puking on my birthday we never really got to go out. My parents kept all the grandkids while us young folks went to the party so we just left a little early to go fiddle around. We were trying to find a mall when we accidentally stumbled upon.....the Ft. Worth Stockyards! I've wanted to go there for a while but you know we don't get out much without our kids. It was the greatest wrong turn ever! We had so much fun just walking around and being "Trent and Emily" instead of Mom and Dad.

You don't see this every day!

Some car Trent was oodling over. I don't get cars....but I know he loves them!

I rode a longhorn :)

And this adorable little wine bar had the BEST winearita!

I'm assuming this sign was out because Obama got reelected. :) hahahaha pretty funny!!

Matthew and Jennifer live in Weatherford in a VERY hard to find neighborhood! They're house is beautiful and they had a casino company come and do the party along with Pappasito's. I don't think you can go wrong with Pappasito's!

I had a blast hanging out with my cousins! I'm not very good at it....next time we go to Vegas I think I'll give my money to Kristie!

I snapped this pic right before everyone yelled at me for taking a pic of their @$$es. My Uncle Bub had gotten out of the hospital literally that MORNING, did't stop him. He gambled all night! And kicked all of our butts at roulette!

Black Jack room....This is where Trent camped out most of the night.

My cousin Shelle. :)

It took us a few tries to get this picture right. :)

Not sure what was so funny....but it probably had something to do with Herbert and Rotha. That's the birthday boy on the left, Matthew and his sister Samantha, then Shelle on the end. We were only missing Robby. :(

Here's Herbert and Rotha. :) I really can't make too much fun of Shelle because I also inherited the need to be under a blanket at all time from my Grandma. haha

We had such a wonderful time and ended up planning a joint night out for our anniversaries with Shelle and Cory. There's is the 13th of Dec and our is the 17th. We're excited to get another night out next weekend!

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  1. What a fun date night! You finally came around huh, riding a longhorn...hook em horns! Lol