Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Levi!

As we took Levi trick or treating (post from that coming later,) I couldn't help but think about us passing out candy 2 years ago. I felt a million weeks pregnant and knew Levi would come into the world the next day. Trent and I could never have imagined how much joy he would bring to our lives, we are so thankful God picked us to be his parents! We had a wonderful day going to the Dallas World Aquarium!

After the aquarium we headed to Freebirds for some lunch and then made our way to Denton for Levi's 2 year check up. We also had to get Chloe seen because she was running a fever during the trick or treating excitement the night before. Long story short....she has RSV. I'll spare you from ranting, let's just say we can't catch a break around here!!

Levi's check up was great, he's healthy as a horse and showed off quite a bit for Dr. Ritter!

Here are a few more things he's up to these days....

He takes his little stool everywhere. He thinks he's so big and will pull it up anywhere and get whatever he wants!

He's definitely entered the terrible twos. He throws at least one fit every day. :(

My new favorite word is "K." I guess we say Ok a lot around here because he's repeating it now!

He tells everything bye. "Bye Bar (remember, that's water.)" "bye lake, bye truck...." the list goes on but it sure is sweet!

He likes to jump on his bed now. I know I shouldn't laugh but it's really funny!

He still goes to bed very easily, sleeps all night and wakes up happy! Naps are usually the same. If there's something going on he sometimes throws a little fit, but he's fine once he gets in his bed.

He is loving living here with his cousins!

He'll repeat anything you tell him to, but only about half of it comes out understandable to most people. Of course I can speak jibberish with him because I hear it every day. :)

I can't believe we are getting ready for his 2nd birthday party!! I love you tons Levi Jack and we look forward to another exciting year with you!

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