Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trent and I have SOOOOOOOOO much to be thankful for! We spent this Thanksgiving with Trent's side of the family in Amarillo. We left on Wednesday morning and headed out to Mimi's!

We had SUCH a wonderful day Thursday with LOTS of Trent's family! I was terrible taking pictures because I was preoccupied with fun and babies. haha. There were lots of atvs and Levi had a BLAST! I was so torn between watching his eyes light up and being scared to death that the dust was going to make him have another asthma attack. He kept saying RIDE!

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Daddy snapped this picture of our sleeping angel. They were both so good but Chloe was exhausted by this point!

Of course Uncle Brent has to give us a goofy pic!

I guess Trent was just following Kaytie around taking pictures. haha

Great pic Mimi and Diana! I think everyone was having a great time!

Lots of Ganns.

He actually said Cheese and looked at me!

Beautiful Brielle! (This morning when I asked Levi what he wanted Santa to bring him, he said Brielle. hehe!)

Friday we headed to the horse barn to meet Mimi's horse Axle. Once again with the asthma I was pretty nervous. Levi's very cautious (which I totally appreciate!) so I wasn't sure how it would go, but I was SO very proud of him!

He started out pretty nervous to get too close....

Dad dressed for the part of course....

He watched like this for a while and then started asking to touch.

Dad took a turn...

YouTube Video

After Uncle Brent and Mom took a ride, Levi took a spin with Mimi! I was so proud of him!!

Chloe hung out with Tiffy!!

It was a wonderful week with our Amarillo fam! Levi had a blast playing with Mimi's pool table, meeting Axle, and riding 4 wheelers!

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