Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Months!

I'm a week late, but our little angel is 5 months old!

She's turned into the absolute sweetest baby! With the colic in the beginning, we weren't so sure about her but she's got the sweetest personality now.

She's slowly but surely getting more interested in solid food. Still just cereal but we had to mix a little fruit with it because she was having some tummy troubles. After about 10 attempted bites, she all of a sudden gets real interested and ferociously takes a bite. haha.

Her smile is completely infectious...it's like she smiles with her ENTIRE face.

Her schedule is getting better, she's never been on quite as tight of a schedule as Levi was. Of course by this point I was back to work with Levi and he was at a baby sitter. I felt like it was much easier to do a schedule with Levi because the world revolved around him. Well this time I don't think it's fair to make him sit at home all the time because his sister is here. She doesn't nap well anywhere but her crib. When we're gone she will nap, just not good long ones like she takes at home. I'm hoping soon that we will get her to just 2 naps a day and then maybe they can consistently nap at the same time! yay for getting stuff done!

Chloe Grace, you have brought so many smiles to this house. When we decided to have another baby so close to Levi, we knew there would be many trying times. But....we always said "just imagine how many smiles we'll have." That is so true! You and your brother are the most amazing blessings I could ever imagine!

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