Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pneumonia :(

I had to take Levi to the doctor yesterday. Saturday his allergies flared up and he was having trouble breathing again. So we stayed home and did breathing treatments for a couple of days. Evidently there was something else going on. He ran a little fever on Sunday and Monday and sure's pneumonia. We saw a different doctor because ours wasn't in that day. I was not a fan of his. He was great with Levi, but just kind of weird. His lungs sound like pneumonia but he wasn't really acting like it. He's been pretty happy, but definitely not himself. They sent us home with 10 days of antibiotics so hopefully he's all clear when we take him for his 2 yr check up next week!

Despite the coughing spells (which usually result in puking) he's been keeping us laughing as usual!

Kristie and I decided we needed a girls night out and found the perfect outing!! We went to painting with a twist and had a wonderful, relaxing time! We will most def be back!!!

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