Friday, November 16, 2012

A few smiles for you...

Today has been a wonderful day! Nothing special, but I am so thankful for everyone's health! We have been mostly smiles around here today. (Besides the office chaos my mom and I have been dealing with lately, but that's cheesecake compared to what we've been facing :))

We started our morning by giving Chloe cereal for the first time! Our pediatrician in Houston always told us to watch for signs in regards to solids. She's definitely been showing some interest when we are eating so we thought we'd give it a shot! She wasn't too fond of it, but what baby is the first time?

She kept trying to grab the spoon, haha. It looked like she was trying to push it out of the way but I think she just wanted to hold it. She probably didn't eat 2 spoonfuls but we'll get there.

It's been chilly here, but beautiful. The high has been in the low 70's so we got some much needed outside time this afternoon. Here's Chloe sucking on her bottom adorable!

Sweet giggles while watching her brother play with playdough.

Some crazy yoga pose he was doing, haha. Have you ever seen a cuter face???

Here's my playdough mom! It's green! (We had a little lesson since Chloe's chair, the playdough, and Levi's cup were all green.)

And here are a few from bed time. Both of our kids are wonderful sleepers (besides Chloe's tendency to wake up and make a lot of noise at 6:30, which is 30 minutes before I allow anyone out of bed around here!) We love bed time! Which is usually 8. They both almost always go to sleep with big smiles on their faces! Chloe is still a paci girl. She's much better at keeping the paci in her mouth, though she likes to grab the handle and throw it across her bed. So now her favorite is to have her little paci in her mouth, and play with her wubbanub. I noticed that when she would get upset and I would go pat her tummy to comfort her, she really just wanted to hang on to me. It was the sweetest thing, she'd grab my thumb with one hand and my pinky with the other. As adorable as it is, you know we're those mean parents that teach our kids to go to sleep on their own, so the wubbanub gives her something to hold on to and she can get it in her mouth if she loses her little one.

Levi usually acts like he's not ready to go to bed, but once he's in his crib he always grins and we say "night night" and "love you!" As you can see, he's still sucking his thumb and sleeping with his blankey. I know the day is approaching when we should push him to stop. He has a callous on his thumb from his bottom teeth rubbing it, so as much as I adore his sweet thumb sucking cuddles, I know the days SHOULD be limited.

In all of our sickness, we are ever more thankful for each other. As hard as it is to watch the ones you love suffer, it always brings you closer. Praise God we are healthy today and that our "unhealthy" is extremely minor.

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  1. So happy you guys are getting well around there!