Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I've got no pictures for you, trust would NOT want to see what we look like around here. Levi got to come home from the hospital on Friday but it's taken him until today to really start feeling better. He threw up a few times over the weekend and on Monday. I was beating myself up trying to figure out what was causing it. He'd been in the hospital pumped full of medicine and steroids but we couldn't find any research that said it could be causing it. I had about decided it was his allergy medicine. He had been on the Walgreen's brand of zyrtec but when he ran out I bought a different brand. The one day I forgot to give it to him is the one day he didn't puke.

Until.....I woke up puking at 5:30 this morning. And now, it's really early and both kids are asleep and we are both curled up on the couch because Trent's all green too. I guess it's safe to say we managed to catch a stomach bug when we haven't been ANYWHERE in the last 4 days.

So you know that game you played when you were little where someone was bending your arm back until you said "uncle?" Well....we're screaming uncle....seriously NO MORE PLEASE!

On a good note, the kids seem to be doing much better. Up until today Levi had been a terror that was attached to mine or Trent's hip at all times. Well since I couldn't even sit up, Nana had to save the day and come keep the kids until Trent could get home from work. She said he was an angel! His normal self playing with his cars. What a beautiful sight! Chloe is still a little congested, but I had Dr. Ritter look in her ears and listen to her lungs on Monday at our checkup and she got a good report. The check up was really for Levi, but she checked out Chloe too because I'm just so sure at this point she will get pneumonia, ear infections, or bronchiolitis which are all common after RSV. We're not in the clear until the congestion is gone, but we are down on our knees praying we will all be well soon. And I'm really praying I don't wake up to both Trent and Chloe tossing cookies!

Someday, when I'm having a really hard time, I'm going to read this blog post and remember just how bad it can get!

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