Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One week old already?

This little doll is already one week old today! She goes back to the doctor tomorrow and I'm really hoping her weight is getting close to her birth weight again, I sure would love to not have to wake her up to eat anymore!

 Batesie and I have had a good lazy day today. (Oh wait, I guess that's been every day since Chloe came.) However, I did actually shower AND put on make up! Now that's an accomplishment on top of allllllll the laundry and feeding that goes along with 2 kids!

Levi loves to touch Chloe's toes. I'm teaching him to touch her toes and legs instead of letting him touch her wherever he wants. I'm still really terrified that his toddler germs will get her sick. He loves to touch her toes, but I caught him this morning getting brave and touching her arm. He's really sweet none the less...

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