Thursday, June 14, 2012

Due Date Zoo Date

Well here we are, it's June 14th...DDay. I'm still pregnant! Mom and Dad were planning on coming in to help us move since we thought we'd have a week old baby by now. My options are to sit around the house and mope that I'm still pregnant, or go enjoy our precious boy for a few more days as an only child! Since I would have help, we decided to hit up the Houston Zoo. They have a new splash pad I wanted to try out.

Getting a good look at the elephants, he was really interested in the animals this time!
 Elephants love a good pedicure too!

 Jonathan the Lion
 He had this very serious look on his face the whole time we were there!
 Trying to say "cheese" while looking at the "rafs."

 Grandpa also took him on his first carousel ride! He was NOT too sure about this, though he danced to the music once he was off. haha
 And then it was splash pad time! He'd never done one of these before either so I was sure he'd be timid. He was, but he enjoyed it also.

" I want to go back in there?"
 "Yes I think so!"
 He's got this lip DOWN and he is NOT afraid to use it!

 When the water would dump out of the buckets, he would say RAIN! He thought it was kinda funny.

 He got stuck between the two squirters and he was not thrilled about it! I couldn't stop laughing to help him out!
 Here we are...all 3 of us, well maybe 4...that's how I feel anyway!
This was on the way back to the car...I think he was tired!!
 Then when we got home daddy brought the truck!
 Our first home is about to be ours no more.

 I also took him to the library on Wednesday morning, I was really shocked at how into it he was. He's usually way too busy to listen to a whole story, but they did a really good job of switching between stories and songs.

I also FINALLY finished Chloe's canvas. I bought paisley stamps and they didn't exactly work like I planned so it's been much frustration to get this finished. But the message is perfect and it was made with love by Mommy. :) I can't wait to see her room all set up!!!
Trent's side of the family will be coming in on Monday to wait for Chloe's arrival. My doctor will be back from vacation next week so we are set to induce on the 19th at 40 weeks 5 days. YIKES....that's super pregnant! We are so excited to meet her, with all that we have going on it's hard to stop and realize that we are about to have another tiny blessing!!!

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  1. Those pictures of Levi at the splash pad cracked me up!!! He looks like a little man! Love him!