Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome to the family Chloe Grace!

Well we are all settled into our other temporary "home" at Shelly's house. We are very thankful to have her house to be at!! She, on the other hand, is probably ready for us to take all of our crap, our kids and get out! Haha, not really. We love our Batesie time. Haylea came home with her to stay for a few days and help me out. I'm soooo glad she's here to keep me company and save me from a few more days of having 2 kids on my own.

Here are some pics from the hospital...

This was our OH CRAP moment! We were expecting a baby by maybe...meh....noon? This was about 7:30 when my water broke and we realized we were about to have 2 babies! 
 Here is Levi opening his big brother gift.
 Mommy getting some snuggling time...
 Chloe was getting her first bath here and Levi was not quite sure about it. He was kind of scared of me because I still had all those cords hooked up to me.
 Nana and Grandpa with their 2 Coleman grandkids.
 He was very excited to find graham crackers!
 All ready to go home! I forgot how completely unattractive you are right after you have a baby!! Haha...but it's SOOOOO worth it!
 Our first attempt at a family of 4 didn't go so well!!
 Here's Chloe all dressed and ready to go home! Her outfit was WAAAAAY to big, but it's so stinking cute she was going to wear it by golly!
 Mimi and Grandpa Lin with their new granddaughter.
 The 2 of them with both Coleman grandkids!
Tifanie was here to celebrate too!
 All ready to go! I must say, it's much easier to keep a baby warm in June than November!
 Chloe all snuggled up in her bouncer at Aunt Shelly's.
 Look at that sweet big brother!!!
 I can't figure out how to rotate this picture but here is Chloe and then Levi at the same age. I think they look a lot alike!

We are so ready to get all settled in our new house and get our things all in their own place!

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