Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I finally finished up my last few days at school!! I thought they'd never end! Fortunately for us, we didn't have to work the last half of the day on Thursday or all day on Friday. Since they are demolishing our school, they literally kicked us out. In order for construction to stay on track they needed us out of the building ASAP! I went out to lunch with my favorite teammates Thursday to celebrate!

Friday I decided to take Levi to Jeannie's. I wasn't really planning on it, but I knew I was going to pick up Shelly and I thought it might be nice to not have to work around my toddler's schedule. Plus Jeannie REALLY wanted him to come on his last day.

This is how he's been the last few weeks when I wake him up. I'm so thrilled that I do NOT have to wake him up anymore for 4 more years!!! It breaks my heart. He had gotten to where he would literally run from me in his crib! He would scoot over to the other side, and me and my ginormous belly couldn't bend over to get him out! 

 Then it was off to the airport to pick up SHELLY!!!! She's been in Kuwait for 3 years working and is finally coming home!
 First stop was Olive Garden....yum!!!!
 Afterwards we came home so Shelly could shower and rest since she'd been flying for like 35 hours or something insane like that. I went to pick Levi up for the last time from Jeannie's. I'm incredibly excited to be able to stay home next year, but these two are sure going to miss each other!! It absolutely melts my heart the way his eyes light up each morning I drop him off at her house. She's been a pure heaven sent ANGEL!!!!
 All of the rest of the Batesies came in Friday night to surprise Shelly. She knew Leslie was coming, but she thought the rest weren't coming until Saturday. Leslie planned a big party for her at another favorite restaurant of hers....Chuys!

Here's the rowdy end of the table. :) We were so excited to get to see Gage again!!
 Grandma and Pops! :)
 Levi and Gage sharing a banana with Grandma...

It took them a while to figure out jumping on the air mattress...but once they did they loved it!!
 Two adorable little rascals and bffs!!
 Leslie was watching Little House on the Prairie (Yes, she's weird like that.) and for some reason these two were GLUED to the TV.
 I took apart the car seat and got it all washed and ready for sweet Chloe, these two had other plans for it. haha.
I'm STILL pregnant. I was scheduled to induce tomorrow because my doctor is leaving on vacation Saturday, however when I saw her Monday I wasn't comfortable with inducing with what little progress my body had made on it's on. Levi's induction and labor and delivery was INCREDIBLY easy and I don't want to go into it again thinking it will be exactly the same when it probably won't. In fact, we've quite prepared ourselves that there's absolutely NO way it can be that easy again. So I guess we'll just keep waiting! Hopefully she either comes on her own by Friday....or stays put for another week! EEk....the thought of that is not fun, but I REALLY ADORE my doctor and will be very sad if she misses it! Of course a healthy delivery is really all that matters! She really wanted me to induce....I told her of course she did, I'm the easiest 3 grand she's every made! hahaha.

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