Monday, June 11, 2012

Mommy of one...for a few more days!

I'm so anxious for Chloe to get here!!! With my due date just 3 days away, I'm constantly wondering if "today" will be the day! However...I'm greatly enjoying these days with just my boy! Levi is such a good little toddler, we're always wondering if we'll get that lucky with Chloe as well. Our house is mostly packed, the movers are coming FRIDAY! We are extremely excited for our new adventure in Gainesville, but will definitely miss our first home. 

Levi absolutely cannot get enough of the 89 cent matchbox cars!! He's going to miss having this little window sill to play in. He lines them all up, drives them around, then puts them all in his airplane. :) He could do this for hours! He's really starting to try to mimic tons of words. He's now putting r's on the end of a lot of words, like cars and water. Instead of "caaaaaa!" it's now "carrrrrrr!" So cute!
 He also loves to play with (or torture?) Gunner! He loves to trow the ball at him, or chase him around, or try to sit on him while he's eating. Haha, poor Gunner, he's such a trooper!

We went for a family swim yesterday. Here's our cool cat. He's really into his sunglasses right now!

 He had a blast playing in the puddles last week. He insisted on going outside but he gets eaten alive by mosquitoes just like me. So....I doused him (and myself) in skin so soft and out we went!
 And I just LOVE this pic! Just hanging out with my little buddy!
 It was getting close to nap time and he couldn't get enough snuggling with this snake his Aunt Batesie got him and his blanket!
So for now...I'm soaking up the time I have with just him because I know soon I'll have my hands completely full trying to chase 2 of them around!

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