Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chloe's arrival!!! Long...don't read if you don't care about thedetails! Haha

This is for those who enjoy all the details of birth stories. I want to remember everything so I'm blogging about it!!

My actual due date was June 14th for this sweet girl. I scheduled an induction at like 34 weeks for June 7th which would be 39 weeks because dr. Cole informed me she would be on vacation the week I was due! I ADORE my doctor and really didnt want anyone else delivering her!! However, little miss Chloe had different plans. When I saw dr. Cole on the Monday before my scheduled induction my body really hadn't made any progress on my own. I decided to cancel the induction....and boy am I glad I trusted my instincts! It was really hard to wait until June 19th feeling like a whale, but I think it was mostly because I had psyched myself into thinking she'd be here on the 7th.

At my 39 week check up there had still been Zero progress made from the week before and while I was glad it appeared chloe would wait for dr. Cole, I was getting really nervous. I was induced with Levi but I was progressed pretty far on my own and had SUCH an easy and wonderful induction experience with him. At my 40 week check up, really 40 weeks 4 days, I had made SOME progress so I felt a little better but still nervous. My cervix was still very posterior and thick even though I had dilated a little so I was considered "unfavorable." They scheduled me to be at the hospital at 10pm. We had one last dinner with nana, grandpa, Mimi, grandpa Lin, and Tifanie before we headed up there.

Mind you we are "living" In a hotel suite right now since we had to move out of our house and my parents were worried Shelly's was too far from the hospital.

We got to L&D and they told us they were crazy busy that it was going to be about an hour. Ugh. (we'd later know that was part of gods plan too!) it wasn't much past an hour when they called us back and got things going. At around midnight they started me on some medicine to make my cervix more favorable to start pitocin in the morning. We turned out the lights and tried to snooze some. Right about the time I dozed off some lady next door delivered a baby with no drugs. Evidently by the time she got there they didn't even have enough time to give her an IV. Yikes! Needless to say, I didn't sleep through that. Trent did of course. That was about 2am.

At 3 she came to see if the medicine had worked. My cervix had come forward, was dilated to a good 3 and had thinned a little. She said shed come back and check me at 5 or 530 and then start the pitocin. I was having contractions about 6 minutes apart when they got me all hooked up at midnight but nothing painful. By about 4 they were 5 minutes apart and definitely not something I was going to sleep through. I had been asking about the epidural forever, I'm that girl that wants it ASAP! Why hurt if its not necessary? Well by 5 I was hurting. Not unbearable, but no fun either. This is about the time I made Trent wake up. I told him if I had to suffer, he wasn't going to sleep through it! That was not nice, I know. I told the nurse I wanted her to get me ready for the epidural, she said she still thought I wasn't epidural ready. Sheesh lady! But she did start me on a new bag of fluids about 540 and said then shed call the anesthesiologist. Dr. Cole called to check on me about 6 and the nurse told her I had been at a 3 at 3 and that she'd just check me after I'd had the epidural. Well by this time I was thinking to myself "with allll these contractions and my pretty fast first labor she prob needs to check me." but I'm passive and didn't say anything. She had also started the pitocin with the other bag of fluids so the contractions quickly went to 3-4 minutes apart. Now I REALLY wanted the epidural. I finally got it about 6:30 and still hadn't been checked. Of course I started to feel relief, the contractions were 2 minutes apart by that point and I needed it! As the anesthesiologist was finishing up it was shift change time for the nurses. The new nurse checked me and said "oh wow, you're almost an 8!" Trent and I looked at each other like oh crap! Thank goodness I kept demanding that epidural!! She immediately called dr. Cole who said "what?? I just called to check on her 30 minutes ago!?!?" since she knew how quickly Levi came, she started hustling. About 10 minutes later I was feeling lots of pressure. I was doubting myself of course because I was so numb with Levi I didn't feel anything (which was absolutely fine by me!) so...nurse checked again and said "oh yeah you're fully dilated" geez!!!!

We kept asking if she had hair, haha. The nurse said well all that's keeping her in is the bag of water so I can't tel. She obviously wasnt gonna mess with that since my doc wasn't there. About 10 minutes water broke. I totally panicked bc I had a little spot that I could still feel pain in, she must've been on a nerve. It eventually went numb though, I guess when she descended. Again I told the nurse I felt pressure, she said yeah she's right there, just hang on a sec. My doc walked in through down her purse and got her gloves on. She didn't even have on make up or socks on. Evidently she does NOT go anywhere without makeup.

I pushed once and her head was out. She told me to stop because the cord was wrapped tightly around her neck. Once she got that done, I pushed again and we were done! She BARELY waited on dr. Cole to deliver her!

Chloe Grace was born at 8:05 am weighing 7 lb. 4 oz and 19 inches long. She's got a full head of black hair just like her big brother and is doing great!

I'm so glad I trusted my instincts and didn't induce on the 7th. Dr. Cole said I'm very blessed to have not ended up in a csection because the cord was so tight around her neck. Had she not come out so fast, that's probably what would have happened. And thank goodness we got started at midnight and not 10 because dr. Cole definitely would not have made it!

I'm so grateful to have had 2 very easy deliveries and feel so undeserving to have these 2 little miracles at my house! Poor Levi's world has been turned upside down. Not only a sister, but he was very concerned with our empty house. I'm definitely ready to get moved and settled and get him feeling secure again! He's not too sure what to think about her but he hasn't acted ugly, just concerned and curious!


  1. She looks just like a baby doll in that last picture! I can't wait to hold her....I have to admit this gives me a lot of baby fever ha!

  2. She's beautiful! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! She's beautiful!