Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The last week....

Not a whole lot is going on in the Coleman household these days. Well actually I shouldn't say that, we're pretty much chickens with our heads cut off trying to pack up this house and make decisions while Nana, Grandpa, Uncle Steve and Aunt Kristie get stuff done for us in the new house. But's kind of become our norm now and we know it'll be over soon and we'll be on to a new chapter in our lives!

Since we sold this house, everything but the kitchen sink (I pray it will still work in the morning!) has broken. We've been up to our ears in repair men fixing those things, plus the little ones that were in our contract to fix before the sale. June will be quite crazy for us. Right now I'm scheduled to induce on the 7th of June IF I feel ready. That's one week before my due date but I am not going to do it if I don't feel like she's ready. We have movers coming on the 15th to load a truck that Trent will take to Gainesville (assuming Chloe's already here...) and then come right back. He's going to work here through the end of June. We close on the 22nd, and then we'll be gone from Houston for good at the end of June. Can you say mass chaos? Oh well...we'll make it! We are supposed to be staying with Shelly for the little time that we're here and have to be out of the house. We'll see if she doesn't kick us and our 2 PRECIOUS, but loud children out after a couple of days. :)

My parents have been very busy getting the new house ready. They've had a laundry room built, bathroom cabinets built, painted a couple of rooms for us. We've chosen floors and those will go in starting on June 4th and then the painters will come in and finish up. We're getting very excited to see our new home!!

I'm just suffering through school one hour at a time. :) It's not really THAT bad, but I'd much rather be home resting and playing with this handsome fella! That sounds better than answering questions like "Is it May?" Um...yes for 23 days now actually! 

Last weekend our pool was open for the first weekend so we of course had to take Levi! He was such a water baby last year, but I think he's grown up enough to know that water can be scary now. Trent said he didn't really want to swim when he took him to San Antonio a couple of weeks ago, and he was the same this weekend. Hopefully he'll warm up after a few times at the pool. He enjoyed wandering around OUTSIDE the pool though!

I just love it when he rubs that little tummy!!

 "No Dad, I think I'll just stay out here!"
 He was telling us he was ready to "Go!" He waves his little hands when he says it. He much prefers evening strolls in his blue car vs. swimming these days.

 He also finally got a haircut Saturday. We usually prolong that as much as we can because he acts like you're trying to kill him. This picture may seem like no big deal...but to us it was huge! We've started taking him to this little kids place. Probably not the best haircut ever, but they are FAST and they put on Cars (his favorite!) while they cut it. For the first time since he was about 5 months old he let them cut his hair! He screamed bloody murder for the first 5 minutes, but since he was in Dad's lap and got to watch Cars, he finally chilled out a little. It was so hilarious, he would look over at me and stick out his bottom lip just to remind me how miserable he was. :)
 He always looks so much older after a hair cut!! He got to play with the trains since he was so good!
Not much to update on sweet Chloe, I hit 37 weeks tomorrow which means she can officially come whenever she wants and be considered full term and developed! I have started packing both mine and Chloe's hospital bag since her adorable coming home outfit finally came in!!! I can't wait to see her in it, though it will probably swallow her up!! It hasn't really dawned on me that it's all real yet. I still feel completely undeserving that the Lord has chosen me to be Levi's mommy, and now He's blessing us with another beautiful baby!! 
In the midst of all the craziness of life, I'm so grateful for all the blessings we have received. It's been very easy for me to throw myself a pity party lately (which usually happens right about 3 o'clock), but the moment I pick Levi up from Jeannie's and bring him home to his Dad, it all goes away. We are SO blessed and can handle any little thing thrown at us because CHRIST is the center of this family!

Pic is at 37 weeks 1 day! Home stretch! Literally haha

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